My Wish List for Apple’s HealthKit Initiative

The health app would be awesome if it tookt eh ehalth records over the years and then combined them with information like diets, exercise,activites and other things throughout the daily life. So when someone records that this day they had 1/2 pack of ciggarettes, a couple beers, some pizza and went to the downtown industrial center to see a safety and health exhibit,or went to the drag race championships, the app will pull up a stress alert and request some sort of anti-stress diet and activity and ask that you go the the doctor for a physical to ensure there are no signs of cancer, bringing up any data from the past that could compound that risk. Then users of the app could have to opportunity to click into links that would describe the different components of the risk and what makes them so risky.

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It’s impossible to give an educated opinion because all we’ve seen so far are some hints at what the software will do. We have no idea what the hardware play will be and we don’t yet know all of the planned software capabilities. However, there are some things I believe we can count on.

Apple has an amazing track record of creating superbly designed, intuitive software and beautiful, flawlessly integrated hardware.  By contrast, virtually all software created for health care users (providers, patients and administrators) is poorly designed.  If Apple offers some breathtaking software and very sexy hardware to help us stay healthier, it could make a difference, or at least point the way for others as the iPod and iPhone did.

Also, hats off to Epic and Mayo Clinic for showing us the way on the integration of patient-generated data into the electronic health record.  If the platform gets…

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